Studenten/ Studentinnen aus der Ukraine und Polen

Studenten/ Studentinnen aus der Ukraine

We are a state-approved agency for the promotion of employment and offer students the opportunity to work in Germany for three months during the semester break.

The students work in the Munich & Potsdam area, often working as helpers in the Allianz Arena near Bayern Munich, in the warehouse at Munich Airport or in various large hotels, on the commission, in sales, in the kitchen or in production.

If the pupils want, they can always work there during the holidays.
Accommodation is provided, the monthly wages are between

  • 1700,00 Euro to 2000,00 Euro

We take no fees or money for our work.

Are you perhaps the student we are looking for?

Then send us a written or digital application using the contact details provided. 

If you would like your documents to be returned, please enclose a prepaid envelope. If no envelope is included, the documents will not be returned.

Sekretariat der Job Agentur Cottbus
Gulbener Straße 1 – 03046 Cottbus
Telefon: +49 355 / 86 95 95 90
Fax: +49 355 / 86 95 95 99


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